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Clearly Closing's Philosophy


Andy HemmingsFounder and CEO

“I created Clearly Closing out of a desire to help Agents cultivate a habit of excellent service in their business, maximizing their productivity from contract to closing.

Buying or selling a home creates stress, a lot of stress. It’s a decision process with life altering consequences. There are many, many surprises that can pop up along the way. As an agent, it is your job to prepare and guide buyers and sellers through this process, helping them make better decisions. Clearly Closing does just this, illuminating these unknowns before embarking on the journey and keeping the light on all the way past the closing table.

I’ve sold houses since 1998, lots of houses. One thing I’ve learned is that when I take great care of my clients, my business grows. Repeat and referral clients become the norm, and that’s a very, very good thing. Whether you sell 1 house a month, or 10 houses a month, Clearly Closing will streamline the transaction process for you and help you become a better consultant for your clients.

My promise to you is that you will find Clearly Closing incredibly easy to use and start getting immediate results in the way you serve your clients.”

– Andy Hemmings

A Texas REALTOR since 1998, Andy Hemmings is passionate about helping other Texas REALTORS provide better service and close more real estate transactions. As Sales Manager for a large real estate brokerage for over 7 years, Andy trains and troubleshoots problems for 80+ agents, being exposed to thousands of residential real estate deals.

Andy has been a licensed TREC instructor since 2008 and currently serves on the TREC Education Standards Advisory Council.

In 2015, Andy founded and is the CEO of Clearly Closing, a software app that provides real estate transaction clarity, so that Texas agents are more productive managing clients, transactions and deadlines.

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Rita Santamaria
CEO and Founder
Champions School of Real Estate

“Clearly Closing is an outstanding “contract to closing” tool that I have personally used. It’s the crutch new agents and experienced agents need.

Some firms provide transaction software but when you leave that company, you must leave your business information and software behind. With Clearly Closing, it’s your software, your data and your business!

For only $120 per year for a 13 month subscription, it is a small investment in to provide accurate and professional service.

Start immediately by entering your contacts, your Texas specific forms, and get ready to have an easier and more organized journey through contract to closing!”

– Rita Santamaria